Review: Burlesque

Burlesque is a movie with a lot of famous stars ready to fight for what they want. Together with great music and performances.

How traveling saved my life

I have a crappy past. I tried to end my life a few times, but I could never do it. Traveling saved my life. If showed me so much. Read my story here.

What I learned in Indonesia

I love thinking back to this trip. It brought me a lot of good, but also a few bad memories. Why did I go to Indonesia? My family wanted to go to Indonesia for a long time. My granddad is from there, so we wanted to see where our roots …

3 kitchen utensils that you should (definitely) treat yourself to

If you love cooking, you’ll know how much excitement a new kitchen utensil can bring. OK, maybe I get a little bit too excited for getting a new gadget for the kitchen, but there’s nothing better than finding that perfect utensil or gadget that makes cooking so much easier (and …

Famous and funny Dutch Sayings

We use a lot of sayings in the Dutch language. Here are some of the most famous and funniest sayings. I have to say, the literal translations are hilarious.