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Review: Burlesque

How did I not know that this movie existed? My dance school had burlesque classes and I always thought it was amazing. But there was a movie with Cher and Christina Aguilera? Sometimes being sick can be nice, because I could watch a lot of movies 😀

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Review burlesque

Director: Steve Antin
Writers: Steve Antin
Stars: Cher, Christina Aguilera, Alan Cumming and more
Release date: 17 December 2010 (UK)
Runtime: 1 hours and 59 minutes

IMDB Score: 6.4 / 10
My Score: 7 / 10

The story

Tess, the owner of the Burlesque Lounge, struggles to keep the theatre alive. There are a lot of financial and artistic challenges.

Ali is done with her job and goes to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. She struggles to find a job and tricks Tess into hiring her as a waitress.

When Ali comes home one night, her apartment is robbed and she lost everything. She stays with Jack, a bartender.

Jack and Ali both feel the chemistry between them, but Jack is engaged. So there is no chance of them being together.

When one of the dancers gets pregnant, Tess needs to find a replacement. Ali tries her best and gets the chance to dance. This is what she wanted since the moment she walked in.

One of the dancers, Nikki, does not like Ali and tries to ruin her performance by cutting the music during the performance of Nikki.

Tess is already lowering the curtains when Ali starts to sing. Her voice is really powerful and they continue the performance.

Because of this, Tess discovers a way to save the lounge. She builds a whole show around Ali.

Marcus, a rich businessman, invites Ali to his life of parties, presents, and amazing views. He tries to buy the lounge.

When Jack breaks his engagement off with his fiancé, Ali and him sleep together. But then his fiancé is standing in front of them and they get into a big fight.

Ali goes to Marcus to get a place to stay and to calm down. She finds a model of a skyscraper. On the exact place the Burlesque Lounge is located now.

She figures everything out and helps Tess to fight it. Together they find a way to save the Burlesque Lounge.

Favorite songs/quote

Sean: So, is Ali short for anything?
Ali Rose: Oh, yeah, it’s short for Alice.
Sean: Alice, hm? Well, welcome to Wonderland.

Favorite performance: Welcome to Burlesque

My opinion

I really liked this movie. Musical movies are already my favorite and this one fits right in my list.

The story is a bit more original than the normal Hollywood story, but it is still a typical ‘wants to be famous. moves to LA, does not work out, works in a restaurant, gets successful’ kind of story. Oh, don’t forget the: meets the perfect guy/girl part of the movie.

The songs are really good. Some better than the other and some are really famous. Who does not know ‘Diamonds are a girl best friend’?

Personally, I don’t really love the voice of Cher. But she can sing. She has this voice you love or you don’t. It is very special.

I rather listen to Christina Aguilera. Her voice is so powerful and strong, you just have to listen to her.

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