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Butterfly Park Benalmadena, Spain: Everything You Need To Know

I visited the Butterfly Park in Benalmadena this week and here is everything you need to know. And some pictures to enjoy.

Entrance Benalmadena Butterfly park

Benalmadena is a small town close to Malaga, Spain. Located in Andalucia, the weather is great and it is a well-known destination for the whole year.

Benalmadena is also the home of the largest butterfly park of Europe. I told a bit about it in this post about activities in Benalmadena and I want to go a little bit more into it.

Butterfly on purple flower

Playing tourist for a day

So as some might know, I moved to Benalmadena this year. But I also work a lot in a restaurant and don’t have time to visit everything I want to.

But I had a few days off, so I decided to go and visit the Butterfly Park Benalmadena. Time to play the tourist! Next to the Butterfly park is also the Buddhist Stupa, so I also visited that.

Lilac Orchid

The Butterfly Park, Benalmadena

So the park is located a bit on the far end of Benalmadena. It is easy to reach with the train or bus. It is also only 20 minutes from Malaga.

The Spanish name is Mariposario de Benalmádena. So the signs and everything might be in either English or Spanish.

butterflies on yellow flower

Time for facts!

  • They have more than 150 species throughout the year
  • The temperature is 24-26 degrees Celsius with humidity from 80%.
  • It is made to be their natural habitat, so that means a lot of tropical stuff.
  • They have butterflies from Asia, Australia, America, and moths
  • Butterflies have a lifespan of only 2 to 3 weeks.
Waterfall Benalmadena Butterfly park

The Butterflies

Everyone knows butterflies. Most people love them and get happy when they see them.

As butterflies have a short lifespan, the species that you can spot change every time. So if you go for a second or third time, you will find new species.

I never saw so many butterflies in one place and was pretty surprised with how big and beautiful they can be.

You really have them in all colors and sizes and I loved it!

Butterfly on pink flower

The Moths

So the word moths is a word that gives a lot of people the creeps. But they are actually really beautiful!

I have to be honest, I didn’t notice them the first time. I saw one big one and was like, Wow! and than after a minute, I noticed that there were 20 others around him.

Moth in the butterfly park Benalmadena
I first saw this moth and I loved it. It was as big as my hand.
moths Butterfly park
Then I saw that the whole branch was full of them.

There were a few places like this. I really didn’t notice them and kinda jumped when I did see them. They were not really expected by me.

The butterfly park also has a special place for other moths. They were behind glass, so sorry for the pictures. But look at the patterns!

Other animals

The park also has some other animals. Two turtles, an iguana, some birds, and even a wally.

Wallie in the butterfly garden

Wally is a Bennett Wallaby. They adopted him to help improve his life. He feeds on the plants that are fundamental for the butterflies, so that is why it is not possible to get more.

When you go to the park, you have to look for him. He moves freely through the park. I spend 15 minutes looking for him and then I found him!

iguana butterfly park

The iguana is probably easier to find. They like to spend their time relaxing by the water, so look there first!


The Butterfly Park

So here you are. All you need to know about the Butterfly park in Benalmadena.

I really liked the park. You can spend a morning or afternoon there. It is a bit small for an entire day.

You can combine it with the Buddhist Stupa, Benalmadena Pueblo or one of the other activities in Benalmadena.

Butterfly park view

The Buddhist Stupa

Next to the butterfly park is the Buddhist Stupa. When you are there anyway, why not stop by.

Buddhist Stupa Benalmadena

It is free to visit, but they do appreciate donations. This is the money they keep it nice and beautiful.

There are also some guided meditations.

Find more information on their website.

Buddha Benalmadena

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Butterfly park Benalmadena
why you should visit mariposario de Benalmadena

Have you been to a butterfly park before? What did you think?

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