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The next step in Spain

* Find the first and second part of my adventure*  It has been 6 weeks since I left Holland and went to Spain to study Spanish. And I can tell you, I did not know I can grow so much in a short time.  Going out So I did not …

Holidays in the Netherlands

There are holidays all over the world. Here is a list of all the holidays in the Netherlands. So take a look and see which holiday you want to experience!

19 travel bloggers to follow in 2019

Last week I participated in a blogging challenge. 20 bloggers helping each other out and trying to post every day. I feel honored to get to meet these other bloggers.  No matter how busy everyone is, we found the time to do this challenge and help each other grow. Five …

What happens in Spain… is great!

* Here is my post about the first week in Spain!* For the ones that followed my journey, thank you for your interest! You will also know that I am in Benalmadena to study some Spanish and hopefully get a job here. My goal is to stay here and improve …