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Review: Enders

Author: Lissa Price
Series: Starters
Number: 2
Total Books: 2
Published: 1 Januari 2013
ISBN: 9789000310463

Goodreads score: 3.72/5
My score: 3.8/ 5

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Enders is the second and last book of the series. There are rumors that a third book will be made, but it is not official yet.


Now that Prime Destinations is destroyed, Callie thought she would be done with all of it. But her chip is still in her head and The Old Man can talk to her.

Living in the house of Helena gives a lot of security Tyler, Michael and Callie needed. But they are not safe yet.

Someone is after Starters like Callie and Michael. Anyone with a chip in their head. They are wanted for experiments so they can be controlled and manipulated.

Callie meets Hyden, the son of the Old Man. He wants to help her find him and end him. They find a way to stay hidden from the Old Man and try to help other Starters.

Even though the Starters don’t rent out their bodies to Enders anymore, The Old Man can still control their body, which ends up in a few casualties.

Hyden, Callie, and Michael come closer to the truth. Step for Step they find out what the plan is, where the Old Man is hidden en they are ready to end it. Even if it kills them.

The characters:

  • Callie Woodland: Callie is the only one with a modified chip in her head. This makes it able for her to talk back to the voices in her head and fight back.
  • Tyler Woodland: Callie’s seven-year-old brother. The old housekeeper from Helena takes care of him now.
  • Michael: Now that Michael also has a chip in his head, he is also in danger. He does everything to stop this nonsense together with Hyden and Callie.
  • Blake Harrison: Blake doesn’t remember anything. But with the flashbacks, he knows that he had a great time with Callie. He wants to find out if it can become something.
  • Emma Winterhill: The missing daughter of Helena. Callie had been looking for her, but it does not work out.
  • The Old Man: The owner and head of Prime Destinations. He stays in the shadow and uses masks to disguise his face and voice. The Old Man hid in the desert and tries to improve the chip and get Callie to listen to him. He has big plans for her.
  • Hyden: Hyden saves Callie two times before he tells who he is and helps her fight for what is right. He knows a lot about the chips and some of his story doesn’t sound right. He is the son of The Old Man and also has a chip in his head.

My opinion:

I don’t exactly know what to think of this book. Starters was definitely better. But well, most sequels are a bit less than the first.

The part where Hyden came in and gives the opportunity to actually find a way to get rid of the chips is great.

But the romance (yes, there is some) and character building is not the best. Michael likes her in the first book, but you don’t see any of that in Enders. Hyden does something really stupid, and Callie forgives him in matter of seconds.

There is definitely a build up for a third book, but I don’t know if there would be enough interest. Yes, it is a good and original story. But unless the character building gets better, it will be a mehh story.

I do think you should read it if you liked Starters. Enders does give some more explanation about the chips, the Old Man and more and I liked that.

And both books are less than 300 pages, so it is also not that you waste hours of your life. (Unlike the awesome series Throne of Glass, that exist of 7 books with 600-900 pages per book. Check it out! I couldn’t stop reading and want to read them again soon)

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