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Review: Grey’s Anatomy S01

Grey's Anatomy S01

Serie: Grey’s Anatomy
Aired: 2005 –
Seasons: 15
Creator: Shonda Rhimes
Stars: Justin Chambers, Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilsonand more

IMDB Score: 7.6 / 10
My rating: 9 / 10

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Grey’s Anatomy currently has 15 seasons and it is still running. This has to mean something right?

It is one of my favorite series and let me tell you why I fell in love with Grey’s Anatomy after the first season.

Grey’s Anatomy S01

Meredith goes to a bar the night before she starts her new job. She meets a handsome guy and they hit it of. After kicking him out of her house in the morning, she discovers that he is one of her new bosses.

The new group of interns starts their internship this day and their resident is called ‘The Nazi’. The group becomes friends pretty fast and some of them even move in with Meredith.

Meredith and Derek Mcdreamy start dating and they have fun. However, something is not right in their relationship. Meredith also gets some weird looks because they think Derek gives her all the good cases.

George gets a girlfriend and this leads to big problems in the hospital. Izzie has problems with her work due to her former model work.

Christina shows how much she loves surgery and she does everything to get one. She also starts sleeping with the Chief.

Alex shows why nobody likes him and just proves that this is true. He bullies his coworkers, get into trouble and is just really annoying.

The Characters

As known in Grey’s Anatomy S01

  • Meredith Grey: Meredith has a reputation to keep up, even though this is not always easy. She falls in love with her boss. She does not want to make friends at first but ends up with some very good friends and even a person.
  • Christina Yang: Another Intern. She knows what she wants and makes sure she gets it. She starts sleeping with the Chief, who is also the one that teaches her the most.
  • Alex Karev: The guy that does not care about opinions. It is clear he has some struggles. He is the reason for a couple of the problems that occur in the Hospital. But he also shows he is a great doctor and surgeon.
  • Izzie Stevens: Izzie was a former model to pay for her education. She gets a few problems with this. She wants to help everyone and is very nice.
  • George O’Malley: George is the good guy. He is always in the background, but he is there when you need help. He is the first to do a solo surgery and even has to do a surgery in the weirdest place you can think of.
  • Derek Shepherd: Doctor McDreamy. The one night stand of Meredith and eventually the boyfriend. He is the attending in the Neuro apartment.
  • Richard Webber: The Chief of Surgery. He used to have an affair with Ellis Grey. His wife Adele gives him some problems with this.
  • Ellis Grey: The mother of Meredith. She won the Harper Avery award twice and was one of the best surgeons. Now she suffers from Alzheimer’s and gives Meredith a lot of stress.
  • Miranda Bailey: Also called ‘The Nazi’. She will get you to do what you need to do and accept nothing less. She has some problems with her marriage. Miranda is the one that teaches the interns the most.
  • Preston Burke: The Chief of Cardio. He is one of the best and Christina sleeps with him to get to learn more and get surgeries.

My recommendation

I have to confess. When I started this show for the first time it was in the middle of season 5. My mom was watching it and I joined her.

So after three episodes, I was watching season 1-4 and season 5 at the same time. I catched up at no time and really enjoyed it.

Grey’s Anatomy is not only drama, even though there is enough of that, but also action, disgusting views and educational!

I am not saying I can do a surgery now, but I do know quite some medical terms and ways. I actually quite like that.

My favorite part are the surgeries. I just love the disgusting views where they stand with someones bowel in their hand and stuff like that. This is not for everyone though.

If you like The Good Doctor, the Night Shift, and other hospital shows, you will like Grey’s Anatomy. The same the other way around.

I discovered the show 5 years ago and I have already seen the whole series 6 times now. (15 seasons, 20 episodes average, 40 minutes)

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