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If you love cooking, you’ll know how much excitement a new kitchen utensil can bring. OK, maybe I get a little bit too excited for getting a new gadget for the kitchen, but there’s nothing better than finding that perfect utensil or gadget that makes cooking so much easier (and even more fun, too) right?

There are so many new things out there on the market that I want to try – and some that I have already treated myself to – and I have put together a list of three ideas below so that you can change up that boring kitchen utensil drawer. You’re welcome, fellow cooking lovers.

I used these kitchen utensils when I was living with my parents. But as I just moved out, I am missing them in my kitchen. These will be the first things I am going to buy. When you start using them, you do not want to go back!

1. Spiralizer

OK, so the spiralizer has been around for quite a while now, but quick question: is there anything that you can’t put in a spiralizer, and use as a healthier alternative to spaghetti?

Sure, you can’t spiralize everything, but if you could, I would. Courgetti is one of the classics here, but there are plenty of other recipes out there if you want to use some vegetables to make delicious and healthy meals.

This is one of those utensils that you just need to experiment with, but the results could be delicious meals that you can incorporate into your weekly meal plans, so try this one out.

I love the courgetti and used to buy it in the supermarket. This was really expensive, so I decided to invest in a spiralizer. Now I can not go without! See my recipe for sweet potato spaghetti for some inspiration!

2. Pizza stone

As many cooking lovers will know, trying to make your own pizza at home can be an impossible task. You can follow the recipe word-for-word, but when it comes down to putting it in the oven, it just isn’t quite right.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this (Hallelujah) and it’s a thermarite pizza stone. I am 99% sure that this is what they use to make those heavenly pizzas in Italy, and you’ll really see the difference in the quality of your pizza if you use one of these.

You can use it to cook pizza in the oven, or even on a barbecue if you’re feeling adventurous, so check this out. Because who doesn’t want the best pizza possible right from their own kitchen, right?

3. Garlic chopper

Chopping up garlic is objectively one of the hardest kitchen tasks ever, and if you can pull this off without cutting your fingers (or ending up with huge chunks of garlic in your dishes) then I salute you. It costed me a whole year to perfect my way and I still cut myself sometimes!

The garlic chopper is a staple utensil for any budding chef, and it just makes life so much easier. There are many different utensils out there that do this, from press down options to garlic grate plates, which are also super convenient. If you love garlic but hate messing around with it before you cook anything, then investing in one of these little gems is an absolute must.

I love garlic choppers because you can also use them for herbs and even onions. So you do not have to cry anymore! It saves a lot of time because you are done in just a few seconds instead of a few minutes.

3 great kitchen utensils

So, if you love having fun in the kitchen, but you want to use some savvy utensils to save yourself some time, then why not try out these three things? Whether you want to make some healthy spaghetti alternatives, create tasty Italian style pizzas, or simply just remove the stress of chopping up garlic, there is something here for every cooking lover. Treat yourself, and enjoy your new (and amazing) utensils!

I can tell you that I love them and I miss them so much in my new kitchen! These are some of my favorites, but you have different kinds of these three kitchen utensils. So look what you think might be best for you and try it out.

What is your favorite utensil in the kitchen?

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3 kitchen utensils to treat yourself to
3 must have kitchen utensils

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