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Review: Mamma Mia: Here we go again!

mamma mia here we go again

Director: Ol Parker
Writers: Ol Parker, Richard Curtis and more
Stars: Lily James, Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep and more
Release date: 20 July 2018 (UK)
Runtime: 1 hour and 54 minutes 

IMDB Score: 7 / 10
My rating: 7.5 / 10

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Mamma Mia! Here we go Again!

Mamma Mia, one of my favorite movies finally got a part two. The music, characters, location and of course the story. It is my go-to movie when I am cooking or sick, together with Grease, Hairspray and now also Mamma Mia! Here we go again. 


Five years after Mamma Mia is the grand reopening of hotel Bella Donna. Sophie took over the hotel after Donna past away. She did a lot to rebuild the hotel and make it great again.

While preparing for the grand opening, a big storm is coming and is going to ruin everything. Sophie has it difficult with the opening and her big fight with Sky.

Donna decided to travel after she finally graduated high school. She started in Paris and met Harry. She spends the night with him and continued her trip to Greece. Harry decided to follow her.

When she misses the boat to the island, Bill offers her a ride. He owns a boat and tries to seduce her. They help a stranded fisherman get the woman of his dreams.

On the island, Donna meets Sam. They spend a nice time together, but then finds a picture of his fiance. She decided she never wants to see him again.

Harry, Bill and Sam want to go to the opening, but because of the storm, there are no boats. They try everything they can to be on time.


Favorite scene: The scene where young Donna graduates and they surprise the school with a song. I did not see it coming and it was fun. Because why not?
Favorite song: Waterloo. The dance is just great and it is so funny!
Favorite character: I really love young Bill.

Young Donna: Life is short, the world is wide. I want to make some memories.

Sophie: You can’t tell anybody else about the baby yet, okay?
Sam: I just told Bill.
Bill: Yeah, and I told Harry.
Harry: And I told many, many people.

My opinion:

Well, I already said it. It made my list of cooking movies and ‘I can not get off the couch, cause I am sick’ list. And it is hard to get on that list. It is not a good, amazing, perfect movie. It will never match Mamma Mia!, but when does a sequel match the original? 

This is a perfect movie for a rainy day girly movie night, with the perfect sing-along songs. If you are looking for a good movie, look further. If you are looking for a feel-good movie, here you are. 

Because there are a lot of flashbacks, the movie is a bit confusing. Amanda Seyfried plays Sophie and Lily James plays young Donna. They look alike quite a bit, so I had to switch over now and then. I did not mind this, because you will notice. But it could be clearer. 

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