5 things to do in Krabi

After a trip through Thailand, Krabi is a perfect last stop on your trip. Relax and enjoy one of the many excursions. There is a lot to do in Krabi!

Review: BirdBox

The netflix movie from this moment is BirdBox. Why is it so good and why should you also watch it.

Typical Dutch Food

As some might know, I am dutch. We have a lot of food that non-dutch people never heard of. If you ever visit Holland, which I recommend, try these typical Dutch foods. Some might sound a bit gross or weird, but they taste pretty good.  You will probably know a …

5 Awesome Disney movies

 I have loved Disney movies as long as I can remember. I can watch them over and over again. Some of them, I know so well that I can say every sentence just before they are said.  These are my 5 favorite Disney movies with ‘kinda human beings’ in them.  …