I knew I wanted to travel the world for a few years now. But I was always too young and too poor to travel. Not crazy for a 12-16-year-old girl. I decided to study Tourism and I had to do some internships. One of them was on Crete, Greece. This was the first time I went abroad all alone.  After that summer, I was sold. This was for sure what I wanted to do with my life. 

After Crete, which is awesome!, I went to London alone for a few days and last summer I worked in Andalusia. As I had no job at the moment and I wanted to go far, but not totally alone yet, I booked a single group trip. 
The trip I booked is to Thailand and will last 22 days. 

Singles group travel

Every person I told about my trip asked me the same question: Is that a trip to find a boyfriend? 
Short answer: NO.

The single part is a solo traveler and not a relationship status. I did my research and most people want to go far and do something they would normally not do, but not go totally alone. 
There are a lot of people who want to travel but do not want to go backpacking all alone. So they go on a single group trip. 

As I am turning 20 in Thailand actually, I find myself quite young to go backpacking on my own, when I have not been on a long trip to Europe alone. So I decided to go with a group and then next year I will go alone. 


I knew I wanted to go on a group trip and that I wanted to leave in November. I had no idea where to, with which company etc. 

So I sat down and I googled. I opened all websites offering trips in November and filtered on price. After that, I still had about 8 possibilities. I read the whole program from all the trips and reviews from the company. So this took me a while. But I decided on the longest for the best price. 

I set a goal for myself, so it did not matter which country I was going to. I want to visit at least 120 countries before I turn 65. So it did not matter if I was going to India or Thailand first, as I will be going to both. 

Within one evening, I booked and I let my parents know I was going. My dad just reacted with: So you are not home on your birthday? 

And so my journey began. I just had to wait for 5 more months. 

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