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Recipe: Make your own Sambal

Sambal. There are so many different kinds and level of spice. I love watching cooking shows and trying stuff out. My old boss showed me how easy it is to make sambal yourself, so naturally I tried to make some myself.
After the first taste, my sister asked me when I was making a new batch. But unfortunately for her, I was in Spain for 4 months. The second week I was back in Holland, we went to the Haagse markt. Which is an enormous market with fish and vegetables to fabrics and clothes. But it is so easy to make, that everyone can do it.
This is a recipe for a enormous batch, but for my family it is just enough. I buy my peppers at the Haagse Markt. For 1,5 kilo’s of peppers, you spend around 6 euros. This is why I make a lot at the time.
I use the sambal in my pulled chicken, lasagnas or just on some cheese!


Sambal is something a lot of people use in different ways. From sweet to super spicy, everything is possible. Your own combination can be the best!
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time45 mins
Total Time1 hr 15 mins
Course: Side Dish


  • 1,5 kilo’s of peppers. any kind are okay
  • 600 ml sweet soy sauce
  • 3 big onions
  • 20- 25 cloves of garlic
  • 150 grams of brown sugar


  • Clean and cut all peppers in half
    cleaned peppers for sambal
  • Grind the peppers fine in a food processor
    grinded peppers for sambal in bowls
  • Do the same with the onions and garlic
    grinded onion and garlic
  • Put a small amount of water in a pan (no more than 4 tablespoons) and sauté the onion and garlic
  • Add the peppers and leave it sudder for a few minutes
  • Add the sugar and sweet soy sauce and cook until it is not wet, but still a bit moist
    ingredients for the sambal in a pan
  • Put it in a blender to get it really smooth (If you already got the pepper really small or you like it like this, skip this step.)
  • Try it! Taste! You can add a bit more sugar if you like.
  • Put the sambal in some empty jars and turn around. If it cools down while upside down, it goes vacuum.
    vacuum the jars with sambal
  • Enjoy! Put some on your bread, in your soup or on your meat as marinade.


· Save some empty jars to use. Or buy some mason jars. Just make sure you have enough!
· Choose any kind of pepper. Every pepper changes the taste a bit. So try things out and find your favourite. Or put everything together like I do.
· Don’t put all the sweet soy sauce in at the same time. If it gets to wet, it will take a long time before it is reduced,
· Don’t let friend and family try it. You will be asked to make some for them. Now I warned you, so you can’t blame me
Let me know how it went! Good luck (but you won’t need it)
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