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Review: Starters

Bookreview Starters Lissa Price

Author: Lissa Price
Series: Starters
Number: 1
Total Books: 2
Published: 13 March 2012
ISBN: 9780385742375

Goodreads score: 3.91/5
My score: 4 / 5


The Spore Wars wiped out everyone between 20 and 60, Callie’s parents included. Her little brother Tyler and Callie have to go on the run.

They live as squatters with Michael and have to fight off anyone that want to take their food. They need it themselves.

Everyone under the 20 are called starters. Starters that have grandparents have it good. But a lot of starters like Callie and Michael don’t have grandparents and live on the streets.

Callie need money and decides to look what Prime Destinations is all about. Prime Destination is run by a mysterious figure known as the old man.

He hires teens to rent their bodies to Enders, seniors that want to be young again. It pays very well and Callie needs it.

She agrees to be a donor. Signing a three times rental gives enough money to keep Tyler, Michael and herself alive for a while.

The first two rentals are going fine and are done before she knows it. But during the third rental it goes wrong. She wakes up in the life of her renter.

She finds out her renter has plans that are not allowed under the contract and that the plans from Prime Destinations are even more evil than you could imagine.

The characters:

  • Callie Woodland: Callie is a sixteen-year-old girl who ended up losing her parents and home almost at the same time. She has to take care of her brother while surviving on the streets. Callie finds a way out but is causes to leave Tyler with Michael. She is determined to save both of them and get out of here alive.
  • Tyler Woodland: Callie’s seven-year-old brother. He has unhealthy lunges. Michael and Callie take care of him, but it takes his toll.
  • Michael: Michael and Callie grew up in the same street, but they never talked a lot, until they both ended up on the streets. They became best friends and Michael became a fatherly figure for Tyler. When Callie stays away for too long, he does everything that he needs to do to take care of Tyler. Even though that brings them both in danger.
  • Blake Harrison: Blake is one of the starters that has a very good life. His grandfather is the senator. Blake falls in love with Callie but discovers that she wants to kill his grandfather.
  • Senator Harrison: Blake’s grandfather. He is one of the lucky ones that got the vaccine and all looks good. Until Callie finds out what his plans with Prime Destination are.
  • Helena Winterhill: Helena lost her daughter because of Prime Destinations and discovers a way to end it all. She rents a body, Callies, and tries to assassinate the senator. But the chip does not work like it has to work.
  • The Old Man: The owner and head of Prime Destinations. He stays in the shadow and uses masks to disguise his face and voice. He has a lot of plans with Prime Destinations and just needs enough Starters to do it.

My opinion:

I have different opinions about this book. I realised that I read it a few years ago and it stood by me. Apparently, renting bodies and having weird voices in your head, stays with your.

There was no other book on my ereader, so I decided to give this one another go. And I kinda like it.

It is not a book that is amazing and unbelievable and that you can read it three times in one month. But is is good.

Nowadays it is really hard to write a dystopian book without copying another book or movie. Lissa Price did a good job with it on Starters. It was something new and fresh.

Somehow it sounds pretty awesome that is would be possible to change bodies for a while but on the other hand it creeps me out. What if you change bodies and something weird happens?

Starters is a great book to read in between series or just to relax a bit. I read Starters and Enders (book 2) in one day at the beach. (I thought this was a great idea, until I discovered that I did not put sunscreen on my stomach and ended up with a burned belly…)

If you like books like the Hunger Games, Divergent or other dystopian books, than you will enjoy this book.

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