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Review: Plan Coeur / The Hookup Plan

the hookupplan seriereview

Creators: Chris Lang, Noémie Saglio
Stars: Tom Dingler, Joséphine Draï, Zita Hanrot and more
Release date: 7 December 2018
Seasons: 1

IMDB Score: 7.6 / 10
My Score: 7.5 / 10 

The Hookup Plan

Parisian Elsa cannot forget her ex. Her friends hire an escort to help her move on, but she falls in love. Her ex is now engaged and she does not like that. Her life is not perfect and it will show. Her friends mean well, but when the truth comes out, a fight starts.

My opinion:

I saw the description of the show and really thought it would be horrible. Who books an escort for their hurting friend?
The story is actually pretty funny and realistic. Most Rom-Coms are not realistic and this one is kinda? I watched all the episodes in one time.

It is a bit annoying that it is in French. You can put it on English, but the subtitles are just not right. So watch it in French with English subtitles or English without subtitles. This is something that can really irritate me. 

My recommendation

I think it is quite a fun series. It is only 27 minutes an episode and just 10 episodes. The Hookup Plan is definitely worth this time. I secretly hope there will be a season 2 and there is still hope!

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